Harshita Nailwal

MySQL Index: Show Index

In this tutorial, we will see how we can view the index of a table or a database using the SHOW INDEX command and we’ll also learn how to see all the indexes present in a particular database. MySQL Indexes are the data structure used for improving the performance of search results. Indexes speed up …

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MySQL Index: Create Index

The building block of any database management system (DBMS) is managing the data, in Relational-DBMS it is managing records within tables and tables within a database. MySQL is also one of the many RDBMS currently used by a huge number of users and organizations. MySQL provides many features and functionality to manage, control, and maintain …

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MySQL GRANT Privileges

In this tutorial, we will learn about MySQL User privileges, how we can create users in MySQL, the types of privileges assigned to a user, and how to grant user privileges. GRANT is a keyword used for assigning privileges to users. Privileges are the rights that are entitled to a database user. There are different …

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