Meet the Team

At MySQL Code, we’re super picky with who gets on the team. And for every editorial piece that gets published, we work to ensure it reflects in the subject knowledge, presentation style, and topic coverage on the website. Meet the people who make this site happen!

Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar

I have been working in the IT industry for more than 14 years and am obsessed with Python, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and related technologies. My mission is to not only write high-quality articles but to keep them updated with the latest changes coming in the language.

Ninad P

Ninad Pathak

Ninad is an articulate writer and a tech enthusiast. He enjoys working on Python projects, Linux, and privacy and encryption technologies. Off work, you’ll find him with a book, some hot brewed coffee, and peaceful ambient music.

Harshita Nailwal

Harshita Nailwal

I am passionate about writing and have a zeal to work on new technology. I love reading books and travelling.


Tejas Gaikwad

Eat, Sleep, Code Repeat!