I have been working in the IT industry for more than 14 years and I have used MySQL in almost all projects, whether it’s a simple one or an enterprise application.

Why do I love MySQL?

MySQL is the most popular relational database. It’s absolutely free and there are tons of resources available in case you are stuck somewhere.

MySQL is very lightweight, there are many IDEs and we can easily install and run it on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

Why did I start MySQLCode.com?

This is my platform to share my knowledge and experience with all of the developers’ community. I hope my articles will save you some time and get things done quickly.

Also, I find that most of the sites don’t provide complete information on a topic.

My mission is to not only write high-quality articles but to keep them updated with the latest changes coming in the language.

How can you contact me?

Please feel free to share your views about the blog via comments. If you want to contact me, please drop an email to the following email address: contact@mysqlcode.com.