MySQL Resources – Where To Learn MySQL For Beginners

Mysql Resources

In this short article, we will see some of the best guides and resources to learn MySQL database operations. It contains resources that will help you from installing the MySQL setup to learning advanced level DBMS. So, let’s get started!

MySQL Official Website

You will find everything about MySQL on the official website of MySQL. This official resource is a repository of everything such as installation guides, setup files, patches, development tools, and documentation. For the official documentation, you can refer to

MySQL Software Setup Files

From the MySQL community downloads page, you can download the MySQL community server for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Linux etc. If you are confused and don’t know how to install multiple applications that you will needed, you can simply download a mysql installer from here. When you run its setup file, it will automatically download and install all other required applications on your machine.

MariaDB Documentation

If you are using a MariaDB, which is a fork of the mysql, then the official website is the best guide for you to see the documentation which contains a detailed explanation of statements, functions etc.


While MySQL is majorly CLI-based, it can help you get started with a GUI tool to save you the initial hassle. This will help you get your work done quicker and learn on the go.

1. MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is one of the best GUI tools available out there if you are not comfortable with the MySQL CLI. It provides all the facilities from creating a table to reverse engineering, changes management etc. You can download its community version from here. If you have installed the MySQL installer, then it will automatically download the MySQL Workbench as well.

2. PHPMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin is the best tool you will need if you are a PHP-MySQL developer. However, it is not limited to PHP developers. If you install the XAMPP server, it will give you PHPMyAdmin already. If you want to download the individual tool then you can refer to the official website of PHPMyAdmin.

Tutorial Websites

Here are some of the websites where you can learn MySQL as a beginner. is a collection of easy, simple, and detailed tutorials on each and every part of the MySQL DBMS. It provides tutorials on MySQL functions and methods, and statements along with tutorial series on Python-MySQL, PHP-MySQL, NodeJS-MySQL, Java-MySQL, and Perl-MySQL. is an official documentation website of MySQL. It contains everything about MySQL that you will need to master the MySQL query language.

Stack Overflow

If you are stuck at any step or have a query, then the best platform to refer is Stack Overflow. You will get your answers in no time. Moreover, if you are working with some other DBMS such as MongoDB etc., you can also refer to their official websites and documentation pages respectively.

MariaDB documentation website is a collection of tutorials on the MariaDB server, MariaDB enterprise server, MaxScale, MySQL Connectors, and MariaDB SkySQL. MariaDB calls this collection ‘knowledge base’.


If you are using alternatives to MySQL such as PostgreSQL, the official documentation is one of the best resources to learn. It provides a detailed and easy-to-understand manual of the Postgres functions and statements.


If you want to master MySQL, then these are some of the best resources that you can refer to. By following any one of these, you will be able to learn MySQL quickly and easily. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!