MySQL Examples and Tutorials

MySQL CONVERT() Function

As the name suggests, MySQL CONVERT() function converts the value from one data type to another. It’s that simple! Let’s suppose you have a float value in your program, which is generated somehow, and you want to store it in the database as an integer after rounding it. In such a case, you can use …

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The MySQL CAST() Function

When working with a number different of data types the MySQL CAST() function comes in handy. It will help in casting the specified expressions to a specified data type. Typecasting refers to the process of manually changing the data type of an expression. The CONVERT() function is equivalent of the CAST() Function. To understand this …

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MySQL MAKE_SET() Function

In this tutorial, we will study the MySQL MAKE_SET() function. The MAKE_SET() function is used to return a set value (a string containing substrings separated by “,”) consisting of the strings that have the corresponding bit in the first argument. Confusing right? Let’s make the concept clear by looking at a few examples but first, …

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