MySQL Books – 5 Books to Learn MySQL

Mysql Books

In this article, we will see some of the best books to learn MySQL effectively. Books are a great resource to learn anything and that’s why we have gathered some best books reviewed by users to learn MySQL.

Murach’s MySQL (3rd Edition)

Murachs MySQL 3rd Edition
Murachs MySQL 3rd Edition

This is the most recent version of the book that application developers from all around the world have used to grasp MySQL, and it has been updated for MySQL 8 and beyond.

As one might anticipate, this book demonstrates how to code all of the crucial SQL statements for interacting with a MySQL database. To have MySQL handle more of your job for you, you’ll utilise these statements on a daily basis.

However, it also demonstrates how to use more advanced MySQL capabilities, such as security, summary queries, subqueries, functions, views, transactions, stored procedures, triggers, and stored procedures, which will help you reach new levels. It demonstrates how to use more recent MySQL capabilities like roles, Common Table Expressions (CTE), and window functions to improve database security.

It demonstrates how to design a database, including how to construct and apply the design using MySQL Workbench. If you’re interested in that career path or need to be your own DBA, it even gives a starting set of abilities for database administrators (DBAs).

MySQL and JSON: A Practical Programming Guide 1st Edition

MySQL And JSON A Practical Programming Guide
MySQL And JSON A Practical Programming Guide

This practical manual shows you how to utilize MySQL with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) step-by-step. For Oracle, MySQL, and JSON, a MySQL Community Manager wrote the following: A Practical Programming Guide concisely explains the most recent tools and methods and demonstrates how to rapidly get started using JSON with MySQL.

The author’s years of working with MySQL experts have been the foundation for all of the information. Real-world examples and sample code are used throughout to walk you through the syntax and usage of each method. With the MySQL Document Store, programming will be thoroughly covered.

MySQL Explained: Your Step By Step Guide to Database Design

MySQL Explained Your Step By Step Guide To Database Design
MySQL Explained Your Step By Step Guide To Database Design

MySQL Explained is a step-by-step guide for anybody interested in learning more about the database software that powers many of the most well-known websites and online services of the modern day. MySQL Explained gives you the basic knowledge you need to get familiar with database theory and the ideas behind organizing data because it was specifically written for non-technical users.

This book begins at the very beginning, assisting the reader in comprehending the fundamental concept of a database, the forms it might take, and the various alternatives for information storage. By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll know why MySQL is a good choice, how to install it, and what features it provides for data storage and security.

PHP and MySQL Web Development (Developer’s Library)

PHP And MySQL Web Development Developers Library
PHP And MySQL Web Development Developers Library

Even in the beginning chapters, this useful, hands-on book continuously emphasizes real-world applications. The authors explain key security and authentication concepts as they apply to create a practical website and demonstrate how to use PHP and MySQL to implement these concepts. By utilizing JavaScript in your application development, they also introduce you to the combination of front-end and back-end technologies.

The book’s last section explains how to approach practical tasks and walks the reader through the design, preparation, and construction of a number of projects, including:

  • User authentication and personalization
  • Web-based email
  • Social media integration
  • Shopping cart

High-Performance MySQL: Optimization, Backups, and Replication

High Performance MySQL Optimization Backups And Replication
High-Performance MySQL Optimization Backups And Replication

Learn advanced strategies for everything from creating schemas, indexes, and queries to optimizing your hardware, operating system, and MySQL server. This manual also teaches you how to expand applications safely and effectively using high availability, failover, load balancing, and replication.

This third edition not only provides specific examples of how MySQL functions, but also teaches you why this system functions as it does, with illustrative stories and case studies that illustrate MySQL? principles in action. It has been updated to reflect recent advancements in MySQL and InnoDB performance, features, and tools. You’ll learn how to think in MySQL with the help of this book.

  • Learn the effects of new features in MySQL 5.5, including stored procedures, partitioned databases, triggers, and views
  • Implement improvements in replication, high availability, and clustering
  • Achieve high performance when running MySQL in the cloud
  • Optimize advanced querying features, such as full-text searches
  • Take advantage of modern multi-core CPUs and solid-state disks
  • Explore backup and recovery strategies. including new tools for hot online backups